Step By Step event blogging Basic to Advance Full Guide -- Hello friends, you know that when there is an event or festival blogging, many blogger blogs make a Micro Niche Blog and do event blogging on it and make a lot of good money, so in this post today We are going to know that in what is event blogging, How To Start Event Blogging & Earn Money, what are the things you need to take care of, so let's start.

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    What Is Event Blogging?

    Friends, if you are a blogger or the owner of a website, then you can easily do event blogging, I want to tell those who are new too, brothers, what a common blogger does is that Start A Blog on different topics. Keeps writing blog posts and takes less care of blog seo Now let's talk about what is event blogging, Step By Step event blogging Basic to Advance Full Guide
    Event blogging blog are blogs that are made keeping in mind a particular event or festival, like let's say Diwali is coming and many people will also do a lot of shopping on Diwali and will also find blogs that make their Diwali special. Help and they get almost everything they want
    So here what the event blog maker does is that a blog is created about that specific topic and gives lots of posts, this is all the work that we call event blogging.

    Why do event blogging?

    Now the question comes in our mind that we like Why do event blogging. friends, as I told you that on these special days people do a lot of online shopping, then you can sell a lot of items on your blog at that particular time as well. You can make very good money in no time by applying adsense ads.

    How to do event blogging?

    How to do event blogging, you can do all this work on blogger's free platform blogspot or can also take help of any cms like WordPress etc. But here I would suggest you to do event blogging on blogger only because doing it on blogger You get one free hosting, plus your expenses are very useful, and later you can redirect that event blog and get very good backlinks traffic for yourself.

    What to keep in mind for event blogging?

    event blog branding is very important because you have to google rank your blog in no time and if you want to bring more traffic, then I am telling you some topics below which will help you a lot

    1. create Custom Logo & Favicon - First of all you will need custom logo and favicon to make a blog look like a brand, so that your blog will look different in millions as well as attract people quickly on a good logo design and trust quickly Let's do.
    2. make social media accounts & pages - now next you create an event brand page on every social website you know or use and try to post as many posts as possible and stay active and get more and more people Act on your page
    3. Responsive Design - Now it comes to your event blogging theme, here you have to use a well responsive theme and try whether you own the theme or blog seo yourself or buy a premium blog theme which is already a search engine optimized.
    4. Before creating a focus and Understand Your Customers - event blog, it is very important to know the visitors you are targeting which people you are targeting and what they can come to find on your event blogging website, then according to them How to use site content.
    5. Defining Goal - The most important thing that you should have a goal is that my target is to earn 5 lakhs or more in this month or week and my traffic will come from where and how hard I have to work

    Conman Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design for Event Blogging?

    Here I am telling you two such mistakes that you do not have to do while blogging the event and you have to keep a distance from them, this is a mistake that we often do, so please pay attention

    1. Forced Keyword Optimization - First of all, you do not have to force any keyword to get google rank on Google search engine, here you can use an SEO tool that gives you information about Keyword Stuffing and Keyword Density
    2. Too Much Content in One Page - The second mistake we make is that to get a page ranked, you have to put a lot of content on the same page. Write Lots of good and good content on the site to your visitors

    How is a good event blog

    A good event blog can say those which have the following quality

    1. Clear Navigation - You have to prepare your blog navigation in such a way that when someone comes to your blog, they will be able to see other posts apart from that post as well as it will also rank your event blog quickly and your blog's blog bounce rate will also be lower
    2. Clear Description - Whenever you write a post, your description should be clear what you are giving in that post and what is its use for the visitor.
    3. Post Footer - Now it comes that you have to give very good content and article on what your post footer is so that when someone falls from it, then go to the below given post and also share your post. do

    Hope you like the Step By Step event blogging Basic to Advance Full Guide information because it can help you to learn event blogging and earn very good money in a very short time, but here I have not told you about event blogging seo because I will write a new post for it so that they will be closely Understand you

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